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Elephant®Play Playground Equipment and Play Structure Maintenance

In today’s park and recreation industry, choosing low-maintenance, sustainable playground equipment is a must. High-maintenance equipment that is not regularly and properly cared for can be detrimental to children's playground safety. Without the benefit of self-maintained play structures, commercial playground equipment is subject to all kinds of damage from poor upkeep. Loose screws and bolts may interfere with the functioning of a play structure or lead to injuries. Similarly, minor flaws such as chipped or peeling paint may lead to larger defects in commercial playground equipment, such as rust that can weaken joints and ultimately impact the play structure operation. With Elephant®Play low-maintenance play structures, there is no need for frequent playground maintenance treatments, nor is there ever a downtime repair period. As a playground equipment manufacturer, Elephant®Play has designed self-maintaining play structures made with long-lasting, sustainable material such as stainless steel and aluminum, so that children can fully enjoy their play.     

Self-Maintained Play Structure Design

Traditional rotating playground equipment may need frequent greasing to operate smoothly, especially when the rotational parts are exposed. Many playground equipment manufacturers use external rollers that are subject to added wear and maintenance (see the “Other Exposed External Roller” photo below). Elephant®Play's Rotating Structures, on the other hand, are always designed to minimize upkeep. For instance, an isolated internal rotating mechanism functions autonomously to maintain the play structures' movement (see the “Elephant®Play Sealed Internal Roller” photo below). With sealed central rollers, there is no need for greasing on Rotating Structures. The rotational parts are protected from sand or any external objects which might interfere with the operation of the play structures. A top pressure bearing and bottom lateral bearing composed of dense self-lubricating nylon are integrated between the inner structural post and outer stainless steel post.
Elephant®Play Internal Playground Equipment Rollers

Playground Equipment Vandalism Prevention System

Elephant®Play playground equipment is made with durable material to ensure a trustworthy Vandalism Prevention System. The thick steel-core ropes used in Elephant®Play play structures are extremely difficult to cut and have a long life span. In the unlikely event that a cord is damaged, the playground equipment is designed to allow quick and easy local repairs. The ball joint design on Rotating Structures ensures that breakage is restricted to only one cord at a time, thus avoiding the need for major repairs. Other playground equipment manufacturers often use crimped joints that are permanently fixed to the playground net (see the “Other Permanent Crimped Joints” photo below). The result is a long and difficult repair process, often with high costs and significant down time. In contrast, Elephant®Play manufactures detachable cable joints and provides specialized tools for local dismantling (see the “Elephant®Play Detachable Cable Joint” photo below). Fixing a broken cord is quick and easy—simply unscrew the cable joint and insert a replacement cable in the connecting ball joint. There is no need to return playground equipment to the manufacturer or to disassemble the whole net for a single damaged cord. With Elephant®Play, local repairs mean children never have to wait to enjoy play structures.
Elephant®Play Playground Equipment Joints

Low-Maintenance Playground Safety and Sanitation

Dirt and water will sometimes accumulate on the deck of a play structure (see the “Other Play Structure Decks” photo below). This can create a hazardous environment for children who may slip and hurt themselves, or end up playing in unsanitary conditions. The result is that other playground equipment often needs frequent cleaning and play structure maintenance. Elephant®Play has a simple solution with a secure draining floor that will take care of sanitation and weather maintenance on its own (see the “Elephant®Play Self-Cleaning Deck” photo below). There is hardly ever a need to sweep off dirt or dry off the floor before play. Children can enjoy Elephant®Play playground equipment immediately following rainfall with no need to worry about playground safety and sanitation.
Elephant®Play Self-Cleaning Play Structures

No Twisted or Tangled Ropes on Elephant Swings

Elephant®Play Non-Tangling Swing Set

The ropes of some play structures may easily become twisted and tangled. With high-tension cord suspension, Elephant®Play reinforced ropes are virtually impossible to tangle (see the “Elephant®Play Non-Tangling Arch Swing” on the right). A traditional swing set with chain links can easily become knotted or caught on the suspension pole. On an Elephant Swing set, the suspended cables are fastened with rotating attachments. The attachments follow the movement of the swing without allowing cables to become entangled. The cables are both pliable and strong, minimizing slack and the chance for knots. The Elephant Swing sets are thus both safe and low-maintenance, with easy dismantling if necessary. Should a cable be damaged, replacement is quick and easy with removable stainless steel cable attachments. With Elephant®Play, there is no need to constantly perform playground maintenance or send back play structures back to the playground equipment manufacturer for repairs.

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The innovative design of the Rotating Dish caught our eyes immediately. A wide range of grades can play together, which is truly unique. Its cooperative aspect means that our kids are always active and playing in groups.

Earlene Fox, Superintendent
Lesterville School District
(Rotating Dish)

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