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We have gathered some useful resources to give you more knowledge about playground safety standards, healthy play, accessible playgrounds, child development, and the playground equipment industry. Feel free to inform us about other resources that you may find valuable or interesting.

Playground Safety Standards and Regulations

Accessible Playground Equipment

The Importance of Healthy Play in Child Development

Relevant Associations and Organizations


“Our committee, comprised of students, faculty, and parents, chose the ElephantPlay Rotating Net to be installed in the existing playground. With the help of PTA funds, the Dish was installed over a year ago and kids still love staying active by climbing and spinning, and it’s the first thing kids pile onto during recess and lunch periods. When it was first installed, some teachers had to impose ten-minute limits so that everyone could get a turn!”

Juan Chaidez, Principal
Dingle Elementary School
(Rotating Net with Deck)

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