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Elephant®Play: An Innovative Playground Equipment Manufacturer

Elephant®Play (formerly Techno Playground Equipment) is a commercial playground equipment manufacturer of innovative and dynamic play structures. Since its inception, Elephant®Play has established itself as a premier name in the playground equipment industry, designing multi-dimensional play structures that encourage active, social, and accessible play for children of all ages. 

With child obesity on the rise in North America, Elephant®Play playground equipment encourages children to engage in physical activity and social play. By designing dynamically-moving net playground equipment, Elephant®Play always keeps kids rotating, rocking, swinging, spinning, or bouncing. The movements of Elephant®Play’s innovative playground equipment, along with a focus on play value and accessability, blend to create a fun, multi-dimensional play experience for every kid on the playground.

Elephant®Play's playground equipment is designed with playground safety in mind. Every play structure minimizes the potential for injury with unique safety features like high shock absorption elements, Elephant Swing set stability control, powder-coated cable ends, and clothing entrapment prevention. Each of Elephant®Play's trusted safety features is a testament to its exceptional quality, rigorous safety standards, and innovative design. Every product, whether part of the Swinging Equipment, Rotating Structures, or Bouncing Play structure families, is crafted with inspired technology that Elephant®Play has become renowned for.

Explore the playground equipment catalogue or contact Elephant®Play to see how you can bring an “out of this world” experience to your playground!

Looking for Climbing Nets, Mast Nets, or Basketball Nets? All are available at our new division Climbinet™, so visit our website at www.climbinet.com!

About Elephant®Play

With over 15 years of experience in the playground industry, landscape architects, distributers, and Elephant®Play clients have come to respect its high standards of quality and creativity. Its award-winning designs focus on dynamic movement and truly "out of this world" play value. The unique combination of ground-breaking innovation, paramount quality, and enduring safety have established Elephant®Play as a trusted playground equipment manufacturer. Learn more by visiting About Elephant®Play Playground Equipment.